Kamagra to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

ED is far from being a new problem for men. For centuries men have been struggling to regain their sexual vitality. Impotence and difficulty maintaining an erection is a concern most men will confront at some point in their lives. In times past, a variety of herbs and other natural potions were relied on to cure these problems. A host of ancient cultures, Roman, Indian, Chinese, Greek and Arabian have all addressed male sexual problems and offered different cures in their respective scriptures. The range of suggested remedies to treat problems like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation have ranged from taking mercury all the way using oils obtained from the glands of different reptiles.

More recently, advanced in research have led to breakthroughs that are less drastic and offer a more reliable solution to these male sexual issues. The introduction of Viagra is a milestone that has completely revolutionized the way ED problems are treated. It took many years of research to develp this product and required the efforts of many reputed scientist and respected research institutes. When this treatment was first announced, it did not take long for the governments of most countries to endorse it and allow its distribution and sale within their borders.

Of course, research continues and leads to the development of new versions that are more potent or offer new forms of delivery. Kamagra, though it hasn’t been around for as long, is simply a branded version of Sildenafil that offers the same benefits you would get from taking viagra. Taking an appropriate dose 2 to 3 hours before sexual activity ensures that the user will be able to achieve performance levels that are superior to the norm. Users and analysts do contend that its use brings about a level of satisfaction that is unmatched compared to any other product or method. Not only is this remedy quick to act, but its effect is sustained for long periods which has led users to experince a high degree of satisfaction.

The introduction of Viagra dates back to almost 2 decades. Though initial results showed definite promise, it took much effort and continual advancements to arrive at the very effective version we use today. Before it became a big commercial success, low production volumes made it so expensive that it was unaffordable for most people. The product itself was difficult to find at first and its high cost was a deterent for the average person. Except if you were a wealth individual, the cost of these pills was prohibitive. Fortunately, the advent of more efficient manufacturing processes along with added competition coming from generic versions caused the price to drop dramatically. Now different companies besides Pfizer have created their own brands that are just as effective but which are sold at a fraction of the price.

Kamagra happens to be one such brand that happens to be one of the most popular. It is offered in various doses depending on the severity of your ED problems. The preferred and most common variety is the 100mg Kamagra pill.It is now readily available, doesn’t require a prescription, and comes at a reasonable cost. It has the potential to cure ED problems in most men whether their symptoms are mild or more persistent. Men who simply don’t feel like they are performing as they should only need to try it to evaluate the results for themselves. The success rate of using this medication to resolve ED and impotence problems hovers around 80% which is better than any other method. Taking a higher dose can also resolve more persistent cases. That being said, most men will experience satisfactory results by taking the typical 100mg dose.